Monique Jones has been involved in a fitness enviroment since she purchased her first gym membership at the young age of 16.  As years passed, she noticed her body changing and the positive feeling from progression of her training.  Her inspiration came one day when she was approached by a trainer who saw potential in her to try a competitive level sport.  She then took upon herself to prepare for her first figure show.  She competed in the SNBF show in Spartanburg, SC in 2001.  She placed 1st in the overall and this began her competitive showings to come.  Over the next six years, she placed 1st in all shows except her trip to nationals in Charleston, SC.  Here she then was approached by judges who told her she should crossover into female bodybuilding.  Intially it was a tough decision to accept, but regardles she didn’t allow that to deture her from competing.  The following year she competed in her first bodybulding competition at the SC State show in Columbia, SC where she won the overall in women’s bodybuilding.  This increased her drive in the bodybuilding realm.  She noticed at each show from State her body kept changing and progressing.  She noticed that she became fuller and leaner in her physique, but at the same time maintained her femininity.  This is something she felt strongly about when she crossovered from figure to bodybuilding.  She knows that she always wanted to place her feminity before bodybuilding.  She models her look and appearance as a female bodybuilder as Lenda Murray did in all her successful years as Ms. Olympia.

Monique Jones had a long and tough two years in the national realm where she placed 2nd or 3rd for her first three national showings.  She finally achieved her ultimate goal of winning the overall at the IFBB North Americans in Cleveland, SC on September 4th, 2010.  Overjoyed with excitement the realization of her being a pro didn’t really set on her til she returned home.  Many people believed Ms. jones to having an athletic background in life.  The reality is Ms. Jones was homeschooled all her young adult life and wasn’t exposed to any competitive/athletic sports.  This goes to show that many people can achieve high levels of fitness even without being involved in sports as a child or growing adolescent.
The journey of obtaining the success she has had was never easy.  She has worked at a plant setting for 12 years (all through her competitive time) working 12 hour shifts that would vary from first, second and third shifts.  Planning her meals, her training, and time with her daughter was always tough but she made it happened regardless.  Her daughther currently is 12 years old and has been in her life throughout her years of competing.  She always placed emphasis of putting God first, family second, and her lifestyle of bodybuilding and fitness last.  She feels that this structure is why she has been successful and blessed.  Ms. Jones has been blessed with people who have influenced her in ways to be the woman that she is today.  Her trainer, Johnny Stewart, has been there every step of the way.  He has been like a father to her and has mentured and guided her through her bodybuilding career.  Mr Stewart’s and Ms. Jones’ interests has always been understood that they wanted to maintain her “figure- look” appearance but in a bodybuilding setting.  They both know that this is something that can easily be lost in the sport.  Also with the help of her sponsor company, Species, it has made the journey of competing a lot easier with the guidance of Dave Palumbo and Joel Goldberg.
Now the true journey begins.  The life of a pro is now in front of Ms. Jones.  The anticipation of getting back on the stage as a pro female competitor has instilled a drive that now will jumpstart her career in female bodybuilding. She hopes to bring the best look and physique that has ever been seen by herself or her supporters.  The new year of 2011 marks new beginnings for Monique Jones, IFBB pro female bodybuilder.